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Neeraj Arora

Executive Vice President 

Sony Pictures Networks,

London, UK 

Nandu held the workshop ‘Into the Stride’ for our global leadership team at our London office. The program, its framework and the presentation was good, well balanced and the content was appropriate for my team in terms of its usefulness. I perceived that it is all about oneself and what is within us that really matters. On the whole the workshop was a great experience, very insightful. 

Very good, gave a comprehensive structure to mind patterns. The presentation was excellent with vivid detailing (e.g. movie references) and conceptualising.  Concepts such as mind patterns, keys to transformation, thinking traps, bias for action were good. An excellent program to understand mind patterns and set one’s transformation journey. Thanks.

Vineet Ahuja

Managing Director (Partner)

Accenture Strategy,

Mumbai, India

Hetal Shah

Digital Director 

Starcom, London  

It was such a pleasure to have attended Seema’s talk on ‘The Anxious Being’. I really enjoyed the presentation which was so well delivered using insights and real-life examples. The talk and breakout sessions were well received, participants were able to share their experiences with one another which also made me personally realise that small situations in life can lead to anxiety which has made me introspect my reactions to situations since. I would highly recommend attending any future sessions hosted by Seema.

I found the session 'Anxious being' by Seema Menon very informative and interesting. Seema provided an in-depth understanding of what anxiety really is and the many ways it can manifest itself in our day to day lives. It was astonishing to see the number of people who were affected by it and in ways that I probably didn't recognise. I think in our present circumstances attending this session is a must have, not just for people affected but for everyone so that we can help our family, friends or colleagues in dealing with it. I look forward to the next session on more tips and tools that I can equip myself to manage it more effectively.

Shilpa Marwah

Manager Consulting

Deloitte, UK

Nitin Menon 

Chief Operating Officer

Rubicon Drinks Ltd.,

London, UK

A superb session that delves into understanding the intricacies of the human mind. The Apperceptive program was a mix of realistic relevance and a kick start to me to take cognizance of one’s own realities and drive oneself with an action plan.  Nandu’s subject knowledge is thorough and the strength of his language, unique. I found it easy to relate to it due to usage of day to day examples.

Program content as well as presentation was very good and inspiring. ‘Reinstation of life values’, ‘the wheel of life’ and ‘bridging the gap between decision and action’ were aspects that I found personally useful to me. 

Deval Sheth

Managing Director 

Giesecke & Devrient,

Mumbai, India

Komal Doshi

Team Leader 

Momenta Group Global, London  

Had the pleasure of attending 'The Anxious Being' program held by Seema. Prior to this I wouldn't have labelled myself anxious but it opened my eyes to the subtle ways anxiety can manifest and how we've allowed that to become normal. Seema shared the journey with explanations and how to recognise the different ways anxiety can present itself. Seema led a fantastic interactive session with introspective questions which left each of us knowing ourselves better and empowered a change in our thoughts and feelings. Seema's style is all inclusive, patient and motivating and I look forward to attending her sessions in the future.

Recently, I listened to Seema talk about "The Anxious Being" and found it brilliant. She articulated clearly, explaining the subject matter and it provoked my thoughts and awareness as to how anxiety may manifest itself. I found Seema  lucid, inspiring and the program made a positive difference to me. Seema has the ability to motivate, encourage, and help people to become a better version of themselves.

Meena Shah

Analyst Programmer

Diabetes, UK

Raj Iyer 

Head of Stratey & Consulting

Digital Services 

Global Services Technology Unit

Fujitsu, London, UK

I attended the workshop ‘Into the Stride’ held by Nandu. The content, flow and frameworks were well streamlined and integrated. Nandu has an excellent command of the subject matter and the concepts were well backed up by a combination of scientific research material and logical/practical deliberations. Interferences, inner constraints, thinking traps, importance of formative encouragements, goals and setting in of fear were a few amongst the transformative aspects that he shared with the team. 

It was interesting to have Nandu present ‘Into the stride’ workshop to our team at London. The structure was good and style absolutely comfortable. Nandu’s handing of the ensuing questions and his knowledge both were of very high standards.  Prior to this workshop, in general I used to be dismissive about such programs and would have scoffed at it but I found this whole workshop intriguing and look forward to the next session.  

Tony Lit

VP Business Head UK & Europe

Sony Entertainment Network

London, UK

Surajit Paul 

General Manager, L&T Infotech

Home Entertainment Division

Mumbai, India

Thanks for the Apperception workshop. It was an eye-opener.  The session opened up various nuances of life and helped me to appreciate how we carry baggage from the past, how our mind is conditioned to certain beliefs and how we can re-work on our life for better professional and personal achievements. Many of your examples and real life stories helped me understand the concepts and internalize it. Very refreshing. I strongly endorse and recommend this workshop. 

Nandu held the workshop ‘Into the Stride’ for our Birlasoft Europe Sales Leadership team at London. All 4 phases of the program were brilliant in its structure, content and penetration.  Nandu's knowledge about psychotherapy, cognitive behavior and coaching is exemplary and he establishes its linkage with sales, branding and leadership in a coherent way. He is an excellent speaker and connects instantly with the audience. I personally enjoyed this program, its multiple dimensions and the depth in which it addresses our mind. 

Astuti Jaiswal 

Human Resources & Talent Acquisition Head 

Birlasoft Europe, London, UK

Jaideep Jankiraman 

SVP International Business- Head of North America

Sony Entertainment Network

It was nice to experience the workshop ‘Into the stride’ held by Nandu for our Sony team. I liked the format, structure and framework.  Nandu was confident, knowledgeable and his style was good. It definitely increased my curiosity & awareness about concepts that could positively change my perspective of life today and assist me in making my tomorrow brighter. Thank you Nandu for the workshop, I found the session extremely interesting.

Nandu conducted the Apperception program for our sales leadership team at London and it was indeed a transformative workshop. The framework of the program was brilliant and the accuracy with which Nandu could interconnect various concepts and analogies were notable. I am immensely happy to have received such a mediation in my life through this program. Nandu’s presentation style is admirable and his knowledge and research effort on the subject is apparent from the depth to which he prospects the human mind.

Raghavan Kumar

Head- Solutions & Strategy Group

L&T Infotech

London, UK

Shilpa Marwah  

Manager Consulting

Deloitte UK

 It was refreshing to experience the structure and content of ‘Into the stride’ program that stood out for me. It took me through a journey by laying a foundation of how our thoughts are shaped and various self-imposed constraints that inhibit us. The workshop has left a strong impression on me and a realization that I need to re-think and take conscious steps to align effort with objectives. I would like to recommend my friends to attend this workshop.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the transformational seminar ‘Into the stride’ that you conducted for our Business Development and Servicing Team. The entire team was energized and I believe this will help them mould themselves into better professionals and more importantly better human beings. The insights and examples presented were very relevant and the delivery was great. We gained immensely from this talk and we hope to do another follow-up session soon.

Bindu S


Point Blank Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai, India. 

Seema Ghanekar 

General Manager

Product Engineering Services

L&T Infotech

Mumbai, India

It was an enriching experience for the team of 20 who attended the Apperception program at L&T Infotech, Mumbai. With your command on language and the abundant references you quoted from time to time, the energy levels of the team remained high and engrossing throughout the session. I, on behalf of all members of my team, wholeheartedly appreciate your efforts and the knowledge you shared with us. 

I have known Nandu for a significant while. ‘Into the stride’ workshop that he conducted as well as his style of coaching is immensely effective. Empathy, communication skill and bespoke solutions to deeply personal issues are the hallmark of his coaching. Trust and candour are two attributes that will never be missing in any his sessions whilst untangling many a Gordian Knot. I enjoyed his workshop ‘into the stride’; it rendered immense value to me.

Satish Nair

Principal Consultant 

Pricewaterhouse Coopers 

Mumbai, India. 

Ritesh Gupta 

Senior Director


Mumbai, India

The program was very well structured and I may say enlightening. The real-life examples were helpful.  The presentation was pleasant and relatable to the audience.  The message of letting go, fearlessness and self-realisation of one’s abilities and self-worth were very useful concepts. Good investment; must do this on a periodic basis to improve oneself.

The program was a revelation to me as to how we embed our minds with certain beliefs, which in essence inhibits our own potential. The thinking traps session of the program was done with depth & diligence and is perhaps foundational in terms of understanding how our mind works. The program’s impact and conceptual strength is sustaining for me. Nandu has not just designed the workshop with flair and creativity but rendered the content to the audience with ease of comprehension and humour. 

Nikesh Shrivastava 

National Business Head

SME & Direct 

Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd.


Arvind Saxena 

Senior General Manager 

Century Rayon

Mumbai, India

Very exhaustive and worth it in terms of content and flow. Very interesting examples and description offered with each concept. Breaking the mould and perception concepts were very useful for me. Surely program gave me a good insight and I feel this can be useful for college students as well.

I had a pleasure of attending a conflict management workshop run by Seema. It was an incredibly useful piece that made me think about conflict situations and resolutions in my professional and personal life. Seema came across as an experienced professional who quickly built rapport drawing on her work in the field. The workshop itself was well prepared, very interactive, leaving attendees a lot of space to discuss own experiences and analyse scenarios. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and I would recommend it to any leader who’d like to get a better understanding of how to use conflict situations to the advantage of their team and projects. 

Monika Swiderska 

Consultant Analyst

PA Consulting, UK.

Sujeesh Sukumaran 

Owner & Founder

Point Blank Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

Pepper Wellness Pvt. Ltd. 

Mumbai, India

The promise of "striding over hurdles in the head" to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary intrigued me. Be it the deep dive into the past to understand why we are cast into an inextricable mould, or the incisive analysis of self-limiting "Thinking Traps", or the inward journey into the deep recesses of the brain, every element of the workshop added tremendous value to my thought process.  

Your talk, body language and relevant examples at the workshop ‘Into the stride’ conducted at Jaihind College were at par with excellence. I am sure you must have done your ten thousand hours of practice to achieve this level of perfection. We teachers can learn lot of things from you regarding conceptual understanding and inherent competence. I look forward for more such sessions.

Prof. Ashutosh Saxena 

Department of Commerce

Jaihind College

Churchgate, Mumbai

P. Gopal Murthy  


Member of Blithe Spirits (a P.G Wodehouse enthusiasts group) 

Delighted to hear from you the excellent exposition on a subject so utterly relevant to life and living these days. It was marked with perspicuity and a cogent hand-holding link with nuggets of distilled wisdom that is useful at any age. Nandu, you have truly added value to yourself and since the decade or more when we last met. Wish you all the best.


A spirt to explore

Life's journey is set forth without a precise or well-formed intention for many and along the way, in a great rushing impulse, we pick up interest, passion, curiosity, skills, relationships, mission, deep purpose and so forth. 


Sometimes we learn from own mistakes, sometimes from other's mistakes but the spirit of experimentation and exploration is alive. 

We have provided a few testimonials above that are indicative of the journey others have embarked upon with us and we hope their experience would act as credentials about our Apperceptive programs & our firm. We welcome you in this exploration to understand:










- Emmanuel  Levinas

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