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1-Day Apperception program 

The 1st program  ‘Into the stride’  is a layering strategy to understand and be aware about various thinking traps and  how conditioning has moulded our beliefs, thoughts and habits. Perceptual Amplification is an advanced program that goes deeper into the mind, taps the linkages between new sensory information vs  past residing data, role of memory  in perception, consequences of  linguistic scripting,  and so forth.  These two programs completely map the mind with specificity with the sole objective of invoking awareness and allaying  anxieties.  Once  an incursion is made into the way we think and  structure deciphered,  clarity of  pursuit emerges. The workshop seeks to provide expeditious and impactful transformation. Headstride is elated to present our research, analogies & frameworks  to you through this program.

perceptual amplification

A 1-day Apperceptive Program


The motive force


1-Day Apperception program 

Habits bind us and regardless of the dysfunctional nature of a few habits, we keep indulging in it, foster ineffectual thoughts and unable to liberate from it. Goal-less rumination becomes pervasive and the motive force to effect a change is lacking.  With passage of time desires mount and accumulate into a more intense wish list.  Motivation is the key element here in setting and attaining goals & desires.


Why some have it in abundance, others don’t and to  delve into the forces that underscore motivation such as biological, social, cognitive & emotional, Headstride presents the workshop ‘THE MOTIVE FORCE' which unravels the mechanics behind motivation.  The program is designed with  an intention to  exhaustively survey  motivation from an experiential perspective, fathom its complexities, logic and rationale and more importantly  invoke unremitting drive in the participant.   


The mechanics behind motivation



  • Understanding  theories of motivation

  • Goal setting & cybernetics

  • Preserving sustenance in motive force

  • Dopamine and reward stimulation

  • Mechanics of decision making

  • Achievement motivation vs. fear avoidance behaviour

  • Self awareness & agency

  • Components of motivation: Activation, Persistence, Intensity, Purpose, Faith

  • Unceasing  discipline  towards goal pursuit

  • Understanding of  what precisely  drives us

  • Putting oneself in a state of optimal  resourcefulness

  • Dissonance mitigation 

  • Learn how to cohere 

  • What keeps people inept in mediocrity

  • Kicking the ritual of conformity



1-Day Apperception program 

There is a pervasive  inner voice  that  talks to us and bereft of external stimulus  this scripting is incessantly going on within our heads. This program draws inspiration from  psychotherapy  subjects and the pre & post war era   contributions made by Freud, Klein, Kohut,  Jung, Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre, Nietzsche, Merleau-Ponty, Carl Rogers, Fritz Perls and others to interpret the mind.  The program is of  immense benefit to individuals who seek a more significant drill into the mind as well as to psychology  & psychotherapy students from an academic standpoint. Its  applicability is of use to  organizations  who is committed to  improving communication at the workplace. 



A 1-day Apperceptive Program

The program attempts to examine this belief system in depth, diagnose our motives, scrutinise the excuses we use to sabotage ourselves, probe our decision hesitancies, investigate our linguistic construction process and investigate our action inconsistencies. There are no preconditions for the program however loosening our stringency over our belief system on the program day would be an effective stance. 


Participant gets an understanding of:


  • Release from the rumination maze and on to the freeway of thought

  • Understanding the facets of  interpretation

  • Refinement & accord in perceiving information

  • Accosting the roots of anxiety, stress, trauma  

  • Opening up avenues of communication

  • Freedom from constraints of the past as a derivative of deconstruction

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