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Headstride Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) fervently believes in protecting the privacy of visitors whilst engaging with our website and blogs. Our success is bound within the confines of your safe online experience with our website and blog site. Association with our target audience is very important to us and this has stood us in good stead in terms of service redesign, product improvements, reconstructed contexts/ concepts, contrasting perceptions, theoretical considerations and applicability-oriented variations.  We have massively improved our service capabilities over the years and insistent on pursuing the enrichment charter. This objective motivates us to release blogs, newsletters, free digital content, videos, audios and myriad resources to seek the opinions and interpretations of key industry personnel and individuals. Traverse on our webpages doesn’t need you to provide any details however for accessibility to certain features/services, you may be required to provide your full name, email ID and in certain cases a telephone number. These are kept strictly confidential with us and not released to any 3rd parties or agencies.


Your contact details are unquestionably safe with us and will neither be shared with anyone nor will we ever overwhelm you with business propositions however to instil regenerative interest in you towards Headstride conceptualizations, we seek your permission for receiving periodic email correspondence, blog posts and news letters from us. At any stage, you perceive incidence of misapplication in communication from Headstride, there is an UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of each email message and you may disengage with us at your discretion. We sincerely hope we do not nudge you into such a dissociation with us. 


Cookies are used to assist in tracking the usage characteristics of the user such as frequently visited web pages, number of times user has visited a certain webpage, your preferences for page layouts, carry information from one website to another and so forth. It holds a modest amount of data and allows a server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user. Cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information hence cannot be used to identify you personally but it does enhance user’s web experience. From time to time we may use cookies with genuine intent to better our web content, to understand which features you like best, notify you about updates, alert visitors and help them navigate to areas of their interest when they return to our site, contact customers to intimate them about content that is in consonance with their preferences etc.  You have the freedom to accept or disable our cookies on your browser settings. Most browsers have a configuration screen that allows the user to see which cookies have been stored and selectively delete.  Even if you disable our cookies you can see most of our webpages however some advanced and customised features or offerings may be unavailable to you. These days cookies from any authentic website is a common occurrence hence inordinate restraint is not needed. 

AUTHENTICITY is our principle website and is our principle blog site. These are authentic websites with proper authorisations and spam free content.


Any changes to privacy policy will be listed in this page and we sincerely advise our users to keep abreast of the pertinent policies applicable in relation to usage.  The Company will not be held responsible for bringing to notice or attention, the policy updates to each user. If there is any deviance in practice of the above listed policies, you may please bring it to our notice at


The Company may use external business partners for online and offline delivery of marketing messages and these partners are fully obligated in keeping our client’s and user’s information confidential except for the above stated purposes. Users are kindly requested to view the privacy policy sections of these business partners who will have their own privacy policies in case you continue to engage with their website either directly or through our website. The Company is not liable or responsible for the privacy policy of our partners. If you are not agreeing with the terms listed in their policy, you may disengage from usage of that service or request us to delink you from those services.


Headstride Ltd. is a listed company incorporated in the United Kingdom hence will adhere to the laws prevailing in the UK.  

For any matters related with Privacy Policy, you may correspond with us at


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