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The disburdening from daily entanglement 

A life bereft of anxiety is impossible, it is kneaded into our existence. It is a vague and unspecifiable phenomenon and cannot be gotten rid of as it is entwined with the very fabric of our being. To live is to live anxiously but it has to be managed in a functional way. When it encroaches into our coping (neurotic anxiety), it must be addressed. Behavioural activation, cognitive restructuring, psychoeducation, pharmacological interventions, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, exposure-based procedures, all these are prevalent approach modalities to manage anxiety and may have its respective applicability.  From a philosophical standpoint, anxiety is a disclosive mood, a kind of openness to one’s possibilities.  We are finite beings and vulnerable to many circumstances which occur outside our consent, control and certitude

Though not explicitly experienced as such, anxiety in a way is this internal combat with our finitude i.e. our mortality, and  life contingencies such as health scare, career fright, relationship loss, financial dread etc. bear equivalence to part deaths and introduce us to our ‘non-being’ or ‘inability to be’. 

Attempts to regulate anxiety prior to understanding its ontological structure, would be a reductive stance towards alleviating it. The program ‘THE ANXIOUS BEING’ confronts this very challenge and unfurls the phenomenological landscape enveloping anxiety.  

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